Senin, 20 September 2010

Fruit Flowers

While some people might still use flowers to convey their emotions, imagine how much you could say with an edible bouquet? There is a new trend forming among people who like to show they care in a unique way and a franchise that is jumping in to help fill that need, FruitFlowers.
FruitFlowers was launched in 1984 by Susan Ellman and Ellen Davis. Surprised by how quickly people seemed to take to their new business it soon grew. Originally the fruit bouquet was created to be a fun addition to a party but it soon became their livelihood. Now their creations can be found pretty much anywhere, in hospitals and even the office.

To this day their unique product still has people flocking to their franchises to pick up fresh, edible bouquets of flowers, allowing their business to continue growing and making this an excellent opportunity for people with an interest in fruit.

As a FruitFlowers® Franchise Partner you get:
  • Intensive hands-on training at our Philadelphia based facility covering everything from product creation to staff development
  • Site selection, facility layout and design assistance
  • Extensive marketing and public relations support, including a customized webstore on®
  • Our National Franchise Conference held annually in a selected location
Best of all, you get the exclusive use in your territory of the most respected name in the business – FruitFlowers!

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